View Full Version : Sections 18b and 19a

03-13-2007, 16:43
With the final blowdowns removed yesterday the damage caused from the severe windstorms late last year have been cleared from Fodderstack between Big Stack Gap and Farr Gap (BMT section 18b) and on the entire Stiffknee trail (BMT section 19a).
Much Thanks to all those who helped out...especially Ken Jones.

The long awaited sign at the junction of Stiffknee and Slickrock Creek has been placed and the area around the sign has been brushed out.

03-13-2007, 22:30
Thanx everybody.

Tipi Walter
03-22-2007, 09:33
Hey SpiritWind
I guess you got to see each and every pine blowdown on the Fodderstack section! Thanks for the work as it was needed.

03-29-2007, 01:33
Yes, there were a bunch in a row...one after the other there for a while.
After placing the sign at the junction of Stiffknee and Slickrock we went up to Wildcat Falls...many blowdowns were still down along SRC trail..we headed up Big Stack and then down Fodderstack. I just wanted to do the loop and see what was up there and get some pictures of the falls..Ken let us borrow his saw so what better time to clear some pines. There are still some step overs and a step around or two I'll get later.