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Lone Wolf
08-17-2003, 20:19
Have y'all been to Wingy's site and seen the forum where he has a ? about having sex on the trail? Pretty funny coming from a 60 something gay man.:banana

08-18-2003, 08:10
Certainly is a chatty forum. Must be at least 4 replies across 8+ sections. Took me most of a 10 secs to get caught up on the board.

08-18-2003, 16:10
I thought WF had moved to Atlanta to take care of his mother who is not well.

Maybe he doesn't have the time to approve many posts to his site?


08-18-2003, 16:52
Yes, WF's profile says his home town is Conyers Georgia now. Also, doesn't it look like the site has its old, circa 2000 colors & layout again?

08-18-2003, 18:44
He started all the theads and hundreds of people have viewed them, but there are only a few replies. Some of the threads aren't even discussions. In his cell phone thread, he states his opinion that cell phones are never appropriate on the trail, period. Mostly he's just talking to himself.

Trail Yeti
08-18-2003, 23:05
I read the thread that LW was talking about, and the replies.....
I don't agree with the statement that you are "too tired or too smelly"....your partner is smelling the same thing you are, besides, the only time I thought I smelled was in town around all the "clean" people. Maybe I'm just nasty, but there's no time like the present! ha ha ha

Trail Yeti
08-18-2003, 23:06
oh yeah, LW, is the dancin banana the representation of WF when he is "happy"? ha ha ha