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Former Admin
09-03-2002, 20:30
There is a very real possibility of coming in contact with poisonous plants along the AT.

Comments, concerns, issues, experiences, etc .........

09-20-2002, 11:48
Good site here for learning to identify poison ivy, oak & sumac:


When you are squatting in neck high bushes, with your nether regions being gently tickled by the vegetation, it might be a good idea to know just what you might be into.

Hammock Hanger
09-20-2002, 13:32
To date I have never had Posion Ivy or any other plant related rash. It is a concern for hikers. Sometimes it seems to be everywhere you turn. One of the hikers back in 01 had it on his hand without knowing and rubbed his eye. By Suches he had to go to the hospital and have it taken care of. He had the rash on his face for a very long time. I have heard that people who are sensitive to it get it worse each time. I'm not sure if that is true, but could be. I know that is how it works with some other allergies. Leaves of 3, leave it be!
Hammock hanger

09-20-2002, 18:19
im almost imune to poison ivy, as runs in my family, but ive gotten it before. each time ive gotten it it seems to be less severe however. im not sure if thats just coincidence or what. and i hardly feel stinging nettles anymore, just slightly itchy. but then im more carful to avoid them as well. i dont usualy worry to much about it, but i feel that its good to know what your dealing with, its also good to have training on edible plants (well maybe not on the at, but in other wilderness areas) cause you never know if you might need that kind of knowledge.

09-22-2002, 17:10
I agree that each time you contract the plant/vine, the reaction is less. At least it has been for the last 2 or 3 times I have contacted it. The last when I was clearing out the land where my house is now located. Subsequent to that encounter, I have macheted clearings of land with the vine(poison ivey) and not suffered any effects of subsequent contact with the plant! Still, I want to know what it is and where it is, because I dont want to take any further chances!

09-23-2002, 14:06
I have never contracted poison ivy, oak, sumac or other plant rash. However, I know how to recognize the plants VERY well, because here in the south where I have lived all my life these plants are everywhere.

My aunt, however contracted a poison ivy rash from a fire burning a log with a vine on it (possibly multiple logs). Others around the fire got it, but not to the extent she did. From the family stories, eyes, mouth, neck and a lung reaction. She was very sick. I remember when it happened, but thankfully we weren't camping with them then. She is now, many years later, highly allergic to poison ivy/oak.

My father, used to think that he was immune to poison ivy/oak. He had never had it, though I know he was exposed to it. He contracted his first case about 3 years ago cleaning a fence row on his farm, now he gets it all the time. He claims that he seems to get it worse each time.

I have heard other similar stories. I would imagine that it depends greatly on the person and your skin type/make up.

Leaves of 3, leave it be will continue to be my motto. I will continue to wash my arms and legs with soap best I can when I have been around it.

09-23-2002, 15:10
i had a friend who injested poison ivy while mowing his lawn and it got into his lungs, that is not fun. he said it is just like getting it on your skin only you cant do a thing about it. i just itches and itches.