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03-26-2007, 05:41
To those who know SNP well:

I'm heading that way in April to do a couple of overnight loop hikes. One of the hikes I have planned is between South River and Lewis Mtn (AT, Pocosin, South River Falls trails). Any ideas for cool places to camp along the way? Are there any nice spots along the South River, or is it too steep? How about on Bald Face Mountain? Are there tentsites near Pocosin Cabin?

I hate camping in spots that aren't already established as campsites, so I'd love to hear about potential places where there are obvious places to camp. I just remember seeing so few of those the last time I was in SNP.

I already know the regulations about where I can and can't camp, so that's not what I'm looking for here. I'm looking for specifics on that stretch of trail.


PS: Also, any word on the current trail conditions in the park??? Is there still snow? Blowdowns from the ice storms?

03-26-2007, 08:35
Snow is all gone, many of the blowdowns are gone but there are still a few from an ice storm a couple weeks ago.

Campsites - take these with a grain of salt since I am a hammocker and thus look for different things than a tenter.

South River - take the fire road to the bottom of the falls, cross the stream and go down stream following an old "abandoned" trail until you cross the boundary of the park over into the wildlife management area - reasonably nice campsite including fire ring just outside of the park boundary.

Bald Face mtn. - I _think_ there is a reasonable dry campsite on top - to the left if NOBO on the AT - pack in the water since there is no easy access water at the site.

Pocosin - down the fireroad in front of the cabin maybe 200 yards there are some woods to the right that may have reasonable campsites - get water at the spring for the cabin - Model-T and company camped there last year as I recall but I did not actually check out the sites myself.

03-26-2007, 18:16
This is perfect! Thanks. I'm sure one of those sites will suffice. It's just nice to know ahead of time that I won't have to be trampling through the woods looking for a place to pitch, as darkness descends. Lord knows I've done enough of that already.

Glad the snow is gone. I hate walking in the snow! Snow here at sea level in New England is almost gone, too.