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08-21-2003, 23:18
A free campsite with caretaker in the bigelow range. 3 wonderful composting toilets, 2 ten person lean-tos, tenting for 20 (the night I was there there were 34 tenting), No fires, water from spring or lake, with the spring often dry. The lake is swimmable, and is stocked with brook trout once a year. They are tasty indeed!

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Moon Monster
08-24-2003, 01:37
Caretaker told me there is a cow/calf moose pair that come down to the pond quite reliably almost every morning around dawn this year. The spring was quite dry in mid-July this year.

Kozmic Zian
03-06-2004, 13:24
Yea, Horns Pond. Guys, 'This Is Why We Hike'. The location of this lean to is one of the most spectacular on the whole Trail. Way up the Averys, in the saddle between Avery and West Peak. Water was most excellent from the spring. Surrounding flora was very alpine and gorgeous. I think 5 of us were there that night. Very peaceful around the lake and you can walk up to the top for incredible sunsets and views of Flagstaff Lake. Some spot, You'll see. [email protected]