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Old Hillwalker
03-27-2007, 13:12
I recently picked up a new Gregory G series pack (large) It's rated at slightly under 2900 ci. Anyone have thoughts about how it would fare as a UL thru pack? My big five are 8.3 lbs at present and probably won't be going any lower. I am concerned about snagging and ripping the extensive mesh panels. I will be using it this coming season for no more than three-four day trips in my backyard (The Whites).

03-27-2007, 13:50
I used a Gregory G for the latter half of my hike, when I switched to winter gear and needed a stouter pack than I had been carrying. The G still looks fine and will be seeing many more miles of use in the future. I did put one small hole in the mesh when I went down hard on some rocks. That was my first or second day out with it. The hole never spread.

I had heard that the older-model G packs (which mine is) had some problems splitting wide open after being overstuffed. I never had a problem with that. I do always use a trash-compactor bag liner, however, which may prevent me from straining the pack's seams.

I like the pack a lot.


03-27-2007, 13:55
I had heard that the older-model G packs (which mine is) had some problems splitting wide open after being overstuffed.


That was what I saw too ...but my point of reference is my thru in 2003. Maybe the seam-splitting issues have been resolved ??


03-27-2007, 14:00
Can I get a list of the big five? From you.

Old Hillwalker
03-28-2007, 09:13
Here is my big five list:

Sleeping Bag, Down under 25 from EMS, 35 OZ
Henry Shires Squall 2 tarp tent 33 OZ
Ridgerest 14 OZ
Backpack Gregory G (L) 46 OZ
ZIP Type stove (under testing) 9 OZ

Total 8.565 lbs

Sometime later this summer I will post a report on the stove after doing a few overnights in the Whites. It consists of two Medium Bush's Bean cans. Lower has small muffin type fan, 9 volt batt, switch, & rehostat. Top is another Bush's can with stainless steel internal removable grate (bathtop drain cover) and aluminum support rails. Top can is easily replaced and expendable. I even have included the proper sized nail to punch air holes in the top can when replacing it. Grate is friction fit. So far it burns really well, and at full speed has melted the former hardware cloth (rat wire) grate. I plan on freezer bag cooking as in the past. I formerly used my trusty, but pretty Svea 123. Big test will be to see just how many boils I can get w/a 9 volt. If I am satisfied I will post pics in the proper place.

Jim Adams
03-28-2007, 14:26
I have 2 G Packs, an old style and a new. Never had any problems with either and like them both. I'm using the new style for my PCT thru this year.