View Full Version : Parking at Caladonia State Park and James Fry Shelter

03-29-2007, 16:46
Hi everyone. I am going on a small section starting at James Fry Shelter tommorow night and finishing up at Caladonia State Park on tuesday morning. I was wondering if anyone knew about parking at either end, if there are lots at the trail heads, safety etc.



03-29-2007, 17:41
There is parking at Caledonia just check in with the Rangers. As for parking at the James Fry end I have parked along Green Mountain Rd at the stop sign right before Pine Grove Rd but have only used it for day hikes. Send me a Pm and I can tell you of another parking spot that I do not want widely disseminated. I have used it for multiday hikes in the past with no problems.