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TJ aka Teej
08-24-2003, 23:38


Right on Pierce Pond, great sunsets, moose and loons. Good tenting all around. Head over to Harrison's the night you get in to reserve a spot at breakfast in the morning. GAMErs can eat up a 12 pancake breakfast and still get to the Kennebec for the Ferry's morning run across to Caratunk.

Kozmic Zian
03-06-2004, 12:59
The night I was there, the wind off of the pond was howlin' so bad (shelter faces the pond?) I had to take the gear and tent behind a big rock for wind 'ptection. Wind came off a bit towards AM and I scampered down to Harrisons (between the Hut and Harrisons is absolutely beautiful) for the AYCE pancakes. The place is so warm and nice, with 2 blackbellie stoves goin' full bore. You'll love this scene, if you haven't done it, friends. Like TJ said, beautiful run down to Kennebunk for the 'Great Canoe Ride' over to Caratunk....Great Hiking! [email protected]

07-03-2005, 22:19
Pierce Pond Lean-to ranks right up there as one of my all-time favorites so far. Great location on the pond with the loons calling all night long. It was breezy at night, but that was all good since it kept the bugs away. Wished I had made reservations for the Patriotic pancakes (with raspberries, blueberries & apples in em!) but was too lazy & missed out!!

- Ivy

07-03-2005, 22:57
Yes this is one of my wifes and my favaorite overnightes on the AT. We usually hiking in from the north after getting a ride from the Ferryman and make reservation for beakfast the night before for the next morning at Harrisons. It is well worth it. Tent spots are slim because of the the roots throughout the area, but there are some if you look.

Kel, the "Stickman"
04-01-2010, 22:46
Snowshoed in to Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps last year, and surprisingly, Tim (Harrison) was there, catching some sun on the roof. His dog alerted him of my presence, and after he came down we took a nice 'shoe-hike up to the lean-to, then made a nice loop across the pond, and back to the lodge. Shoed about 10 miles that day, but well worth it... the place is just as beautiful in winter, and Tim is always a gracious host. HIGHLY RECOMMEND making the trip in, any time of year.

Kel, the "Stickman"
04-01-2010, 22:49
Oh yeah!... PANCAKES! (makes the trip DOUBLY worthwhile)