View Full Version : Katadyn Hiker and MSR Dromlite Usage?

03-30-2007, 13:21
I was planning to use the Katadyn with the Dromlite but it does not have a threaded attachment. I can see this being a problem, will it still work? The Dromlite lays flat without support so water would escape. What other bottles are you using in conjuction with this filter? thanks

03-30-2007, 18:42
Yes, you would be well served to have an extra arm for that combination. It can be done, but just requires more dexterity. If you have the filter already try the nalgene wide mouth cantenes. They are really light but stand up on their own opening to the sky. If you have the dromlite already and really like it (like I do mine) look into filters that have a threaded attachment (I use a First Need, but MSR has threads also)

03-30-2007, 18:44
that "stand up on their own opening to.... " didn't come out quite right. I just mean they stand up and the opening faces skyward making it easy to drop your tube inside. You will still have to support them a bit with your feet or lean them next to a rock so they dont tip over.

03-30-2007, 19:28
I use the Hiker filter and when I pump into my Dromadary i just lay it on a rock the inclines and all is well.

03-30-2007, 19:41
My Hiker Pro comes with extra fittings to connect it directly to a bladder, then reconnect the drinking tube/bite valve. I don't use a bladder (currently) so I tossed them. :(

Maybe someone else has extras?

03-31-2007, 23:21
I used the msr bags with a Katadyn hiker. The accesories that comes with it fits the msr bags but requires a bit of pressure to secure the two together while you pump. All you have to do is pump and try to keep the bag above the water you you are pumping from, but what other bag/filter does not recommend this? Katadyn hiker is lighter than msr. Choose your master.

Good news for me is that the Katadyn hiker pumps alot easier than a msr water filter. but, i gave my Katadyn hiker filter to a friend and my last two trips I wish I hadn't cuase I get so sick and tired of pumping the msr filter.

I believe you are safe with what you have now. No worries.