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TJ aka Teej
08-26-2003, 15:09
Ran into Ranger Rick recharging at the Caratunk House, and Clueless, Nightmare, Tang and IronToothpick in Monson. The hikers are bunching up, I was alone at Pierce Pond Lean-to the same night Pie Lady had 18 hikers stay over. The Kennebec Ferry rowed just one hiker across Thursday Morning. Numbers are a bit down, Caratunk House had hiker # 191 stay on 8/21. Last year they hit 191 on 8/9.
On Thursday, I camped with Undetermined, Sumac, Snort, and Clover at Abol Pines. A vacationing couple provided the ladies with three cooked lobsters for supper! http://tinyurl.com/l8e3
On Friday, August 22nd, Sticks and Spielburg registered as the 135th and 136th GAMErs to reach Baxter State Park. The Trailrunner reported 6 other nobos coming in behind them. Spielburg said he was nobo #250 going through the ATC's office at Harper's Ferry WV. The Birches hasn't yet hit it's 12 hiker capacity once this year, but September's just around the corner.
Some other recent AT hikers at Katahdin were:
8/21 Re-Bob 8/20 Hazmat, Mauku and Makai. 8/19 Rice n Peas 8/18 Cuss, Snack Attack, Paparazzi, Kman. 8/17 NEMO. 8/16 Nightfever, Crossroads, AllrightBurrito, Wicked Wizard. 8/14 Easy Money, bandu kite, Chameleon. 8/13 SloePoke, Buzz, Maw-ee and Paw-ee, Chaos, Grandmother Bear and Grandmother Turtle. 8/12 Eli, Firewood, Chunky Monkey. 8/11 Brother Ron, Kingflanigt. 8/10 JLo, Gnome, Tunnel, Chiquita and AKA, Shovel. (Spelling corrections are welcome.)
In the "it's a long trail but a small world" catagory: I had talked a bit with Easy Money north of Monson, and I met Undetermined, Sumac, Cuss, Papperazzi, and SnackAttack last month at the Hiker Summit in Vermont. Add Cuss and SnackAttack to the "Baxter Peak Streakers" club.

09-07-2003, 15:18
Another small world item - I met Rice n Peas at Gravel Springs Hut in SNP on Sept 6 - he was stopping in at noon to get some water and to check the register and then that evening Hazmat and friend stopped by with some trail magic (cold sodas). The only thru in for the night was Dog Tags but anyways the cold sodas were much appreciated and there are more in the spring for the thrus tonight.