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04-01-2007, 19:07
Hi all;

Looking for thru hiking partner(s) male or female for AT next year - 2008.

[email protected]

04-02-2007, 00:36
Welcome to whiteblaze.:welcome
Good luck with your search.

04-21-2007, 17:48
Hi all;

Looking for thru hiking partner(s) male or female for AT next year - 2008.

[email protected]

Also looking for hiking partner for 08
64 year old female:o Ellis

04-21-2007, 18:17
Lets see...Im 27 and out of shape. Have back problems that led to me ending my '06 attempt early. I also like to stop and smell the roses. So I am open to male or female partners that aren't in a hurry. I will probably be doing 7ish mile days the first week or 2 maybe longer. I am in no hurry. So basically I am open to finding ppl that want to start the same day and whoever hikes the same pace is good company! :D

I am currently losing around 4lbs a month. I switched to a hammock for my back. And wouldlike to start during the week of the 10th or 17th depending on weather. Whichever looks less miserable! ;)

Whos with me?

Male, female, young, old, whoever. I have already met a few ppl that are starting around the same time. :banana

Earl Grey
04-21-2007, 23:31
Starting in Mid May at Harpers Ferry.

04-22-2007, 02:17
If she can get us in condition my wife and I plan on starting mid-march. Being older types we will move slowly at first. If we meet any of you out there say hi.

The General
04-22-2007, 04:01
dont tie yourself down to one hiking partner just pitch up and start North. You will have many partners over the following months some for a few days some for weeks or months. You will never be short of good company thats for sure, just take them all in your stride they will all have an input into what will be all part of the rich tapestry of your adventure. I WILL be be starting North from Springer on my 2nd Thru on 1st April so maybe I will see you on the trail. Good Luck.

The General

04-22-2007, 11:22
Tell you what folks...why don't we agree to put a patch or something on our packs tp designate we are WBers. I know ppl have said a bunch of different things to do but, can we agree on one? I know when I am hiking, as chub as I am, I tend to be trying to breathe more than socialize and then in camp I want to cook and sleep. So I would go out of my way to spot wbers.


I personally am gonna wear my whiteblaze t-shirt but, have a feeling in mid march it may be covered by 2 more layers! :p

Ill try to remember to write WB by my register entries. I know I forget screennames and trailnames almost seconds after seeing or hearing them. So seeing a WB would help!