View Full Version : Osborne Tract and Interview with Grandma Dixie

04-01-2007, 21:43
Greetings fellow trail enthusiasts! Today I was in NE Tennessee and drove up to the Osborne Tract, which is a newly acquired parcel of land containing a handicapped accessible section of the Appalachian Trail. Although it was a bit overcast, the Osborne Tract is a real gem, and I thoroughly enjoyed my brief visit.

Before I left the parking lot, Whiteblaze's very own Grandma Dixie (aka Carefree) came strolling out of the woods. I conducted a 6-minute interview with him while he devoured a Honey Bun. :) As the interview concludes, a vehicle pulled into the lot, and out bounded Alley Cat. Alley Cat, a young woman from New Jersey was slacking into Damascus. Ididn't capture any audio of her, but she seemed to really be enjoying herself.

To listen to the interview with Grandma Dixie and see a bunch of photos from the Osborne Tract, please visit the following link - http://americanhiking.chattablogs.com/archives/047014.html.

In addition to the interview, there is a brief audio dispatch I recorded on the trail, about a half dozen links to photos, and several links for more information about this new relocation.


04-01-2007, 22:57
Good interview Little Bear. Bill Bryson strikes again! :cool: