View Full Version : General Comment- Mass. Lean-tos

09-24-2002, 14:25
Most of the newer Massachusetts Lean-tos are build on a common plan with bunks for 8 inside the main shelter and a large loft forming an overhang for the picnic table.
Loft could probably sleep an additional 6-8. These include the Mark Noepel, Kay Wood, October Mountain, Hemlocks, and Tom Leonard Shelters. Wilbur Clearing Shelter, Mt. Wilcox North and South, and Glen Brook are older simpler shelters. Massachusetts shelters and campsite are sometime only well marked in one direction. Tom Leonard is easy to miss if going south, the Shaker Campsite is easy to miss if going north. The Bear Rock Falls Campsite closed this year and has been replaced by the the Laurel Ridge Campsite 0.1 miles south.

Hammock Hanger
09-24-2002, 16:39
Slept out on the viewing platform with the rattlesnakes at Tom Lenard Shelter. I was nobo and missed the Shaker Campsite. HH