View Full Version : Leaf Collecting Project

04-03-2007, 18:08
Hi, I am the wife of a 1995 AT thru hiker - Road Runner/Eric. We live about a mile from the trail and are in the process of getting our organic farm business up and running. Ironically, we call it Blue Blaze Farm and eventually it will be a spot that the thru-hikers can eat, shower, have fun, and spend the night.

Anyway, right now I would love some assistance with a Christmas present I'm constructing this year for my husband. He hiked the AT and loves trees, so I thought I'd frame a leaf from each State's tree that runs within the AT. I'd like them to be collected by thru-hikers who would be willing to tote around a little portable plant press to hold the leaves they chose and a picture of each leaf to be collected.

It'd be a bonus if on their way through PA, they could meet up with us, stay overnight, and exchange AT stories with Eric. Let me know what your favorite foods are and I'll have it here!

Any takers? - Melody