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04-04-2007, 17:29
I spent the weekend hiking between Springer and the Hawk Mtn shelter. It was wonderful. My first time on any area in the AT. Beautiful.
I parked on 42 at the lot. Mountain Squid was there taking count and collecting weird items people brought to the hike. A moving dolly?? Really??
The weather was clearing after early rain. Low clouds obscured some of the view but it was a nice day. I went up to the Springer shelter and pitched my tent. Met MiniSleeps/ManySleeps (one or the other) who is the Ridge Runner there. Nice guy. Busy checking in some of the hopefuls for this year. We made a fire and swapped stories until about 9pm. Slept like I had been shot. Haven't had such a clear head in some time. Amazing what absence of clocks, internet and cell phones will do for you.
Got up about 07:30 and made my breakfast. Most folks were up by now and breaking camp. I set off for Hawk about 09:30. Wonderful clear day for a hike. Even came across a wild turkey. Surprised both of us. Met quite a few day hikers and folks camping on the BMT.
Arrived at Hawk about 15:30. A ridge runner, Josh, was there with AT70. AT70 is an interesting story himself. Rode his bicycle all the way from Illinois to Georgia for a hiking trip. Something he does often. What an inspiration. Josh is a young man with a dream job. Hiking the Georgia trail sections through November checking the shelters and removing more of the odd items people leave behind.
I met several thru hikers Saturday. Gabriel (I Am Not). Ketchup, Coco Pelly, another Josh, and others whose names escape me. We had a lively and friendly crowd. I wish the thru hikers the best. They were really fun to talk to.
Most of us stayed in the shelter that night due to the threat of rain. In the end there must have been 15 or so sleeping in there. And rain it did! Heavy down pour. We all stayed dry and NO MICE!!
By this point my ankle and knee were warning me that I still had some work to do for long sections. I had to turn back for 42 that morning. We all had breakfast and I watched the thru hikers stagger out for Gooch. The weather was through cooperating with anyone. Steady rain all day. Still a nice hike back to 42. The trail was very slick and, in some places, ankle deep in muddy water.
Soaked through and through and quite tired, I made it back to my truck. What a great weekend. I found several day hike areas to take my kids to see. Long Creek Falls for one.
I plan to really work hard on strengthening my ankle. I want to see as much of the Georgia trail systems as I can get to.
Oh, and I took a trail name. One my kids gave me. I am Big Stinky.

Brushy Sage
04-04-2007, 18:31
A wonderful start-up. May you log many miles on the AT!

04-04-2007, 19:12
Sounds like a great time--thanks for the report.
What is the problem with your ankle and what are you going to do to try and correct it?


04-04-2007, 19:58
My ankle is an injury form a couple years ago. Grade 3 high ankle. Left me unable to walk for several months including some physical therapy. It has gotten so much better but I see that about 8-9 miles is as much as I could do with a pack. I plan to work with it some more, walking and stretching. Trying to get it a bit more mobile. Going down hill caused me the most issues. I think it was just the impact with the added weight of the pack.
I wanted to do some section hiking soon but I will have to stick with 3 day (or so) trips. Don't want to have to be rescued.