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Jim Obermeyer
08-30-2003, 08:31
I'm new to this forum as I'm new to hiking. I live in TN and I've been hiking along the AT between Sams Gap and Hot Springs. This section is convenient for me and Hot Springs is a great place to end a hike with a cold beer.

Last week I drove up to Camp Creek Bald and got on the AT just south of Bearwallow Gap. I was heading towards Jerry Cabin Shelter. I came to a new wooden sign that redirected the trail. The sign read "rugged ridgeline trail" (marked with white blaze) and the old trail is now (marked with a blue blaze) a "fair weather trail".

The new trail goes along the top of Firescald Ridge for maybe 2 miles. The views on top are the best in the area and you are truly walking on the boundary of TN/NC. The trail is like a rugged stone stairway that goes up to the top of the ridge, but it is laid out really well. If anyone remembers hiking this section before the relocation you would remember miles of rododendrim tunnels.

My hats off to the Carolina Mountain Club if any of you are in this area I recommend you check it out. I'll try and post some pics.

09-02-2003, 13:28
Glad to see people have discovered and are enjoying the newly-opened Firescald relocation.

Howard MacDonald, supervisor of trails for the Carolina Mountain Club, asked me to post the following message:

"[Jim's] memory of the sign is a little off. It says for the white blaze 'Exposed Ridgeline Trail' and the blue blaze is 'Bad Weather Trail. We also have an escape trail from the white to the blue at about the half way point. Howard"

Laurie Potteiger
ATC Information Services Coordinator

Jim Obermeyer
09-02-2003, 14:14
Yes please ask Mr. MacDonal to accept my apologies, I must have gotten confused with the rugged trail marker at Bearwallow Gap.