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04-07-2007, 09:44
We just completed a Max Patch trip & took many photos from the summit.

What software do you guys use to stitch multiple photos together to make panoramas? I have seen 360 deg shots w/ Quicktime viewer online.


04-07-2007, 12:41
Cannon Photo stitch....came with my i9900 printer

04-07-2007, 13:40
Check this (http://www.download.com/sort/3150-2204_4-0-1-6.html?qt=&author=&titlename=&desc=&li=49&os=&swlink=&gfiletype) site for a lot of free photo apps, might find something usefull here.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
04-08-2007, 06:32
The software that comes with most scanners today has this capability. The site Fiddler recommended has several programs that will do this. The key is finding a recognizable object in two adjacent frames and over laying the frames so that matches.

04-08-2007, 22:43
Google on "Panorama Tools" (or just "Panotools".) Here's (http://www.tawbaware.com/maxlyons/pano12ml.htm) one site you can get it from, but there are many more. This is all public-domain stuff. There's a stiff learning curve, but it's far more professional than any of the freebies you get bundled with a digital camera. Here's a link (http://www.tawbaware.com/maxlyons/index.html) to galleries of images created with Panotools. Here's another (http://www.maxlyons.net/cottonwoodpass.htm). Amazing stuff.