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09-01-2003, 17:01
This shelter is right on the trail, though as my hiking partner said "it's built for midgets!" (Sorry, if that's not PC... no offense intended.) There are four bunks, but I seriously doubt you could sit up on any of them. The water source is just in front of the shelter.

For a nicer shelter with a better view, continue a few yards south to Kid Gore Shelter instead.

- Ivy

09-20-2006, 07:33
Got word from the ATC in Lyme, NH and the GMNF that due to its deteriorating structural condition, this shelter has been closed to hiker use. The neighboring Kid Gore Shelter (just south of Caughnawaga) remains open.

Tent sites are available behind the now closed Caughnawaga.

Next closest designated overnight site south on A.T. is Goddard Shelter at 4.3 miles; next closest north is Story Spring Shelter at 4.6 miles.

Mrs Yolanda Vega-Gorp 382 to Duncannon or bust!

Time To Fly 97
09-20-2006, 15:43
I really like the Goddard shelter - Nice sized shelter, great water there and just downhill from an open fire tower. Highly recommended...

Happy hiking!


Jack Tarlin
09-20-2006, 16:05
It has also been recently rebuilt (on the same location) and is a great place to spend the night. And for those who wish to overnight here, but don't wish to shelter, there are some great campsites between the shelter and the summit, on the left side of the Trail.

Tin Man
09-21-2006, 21:32
The tenting under the pines near Goddard is awesome! I had the best sleep yet at this pine needle heaven.

08-08-2008, 18:18
Caughnawaga Shelter, built in 1931, has been officially dismantled, (R.I.P.). There are tent sites at this site. The nearest shelter is Kid Gore, a hop, skip and jump 180 feet south through the mud, or south to Goddard Shelter 4.2 miles, or north to Story Spring 4.6 miles.