View Full Version : Flip-Flopper StrapPacker

09-01-2003, 17:46
Hi all....My name is Cynde and I am from Maine. I was doing a day hike up in Grafton Notch and met a hiker that is flip-flopping. I just thought it was so cool to actually meet a long-term hiker in person. I would love to thru hike the AT some year but my kiddo's need me right now (ages 4 and 1). I do manage some day hikes though. The hikers trail name is StrapPacker....he came up with that name because he made his own backpack and the straps are seatbelts from a VW...how cool is that. He said the pack was very comfy and did not require extra padding. The max weight in the pack has been 60 pounds. We hiked a bit of the AT together back to the parking lot where I had parked. I gave him a ride into Bethel, Maine. I was honored to give him a ride. It made my whole weekend.:)

Moon Monster
09-02-2003, 23:09
Strap Packer is a great guy, I'm glad to see he's still out there this year! I walked with him in Georgia and North Carolina.