View Full Version : hello to 06 hikers

sly dog
04-09-2007, 22:26
Whats up all. I just want ta say congrats to the thru hikers from last year. Cheesewhiz,ED,Giggles,Soulive,Lucky Dime,Shrek,Samurai,Goldfish,FDR and of course my brother Keystone!!It was cool meetin up with yuz all those times and even cooler hiking with yuz in VT.I'll never forget seein Cheesewhiz in the window of the west hardford library after me and Keystone came off the trail in the rain. Hopefully i helped yuz out a time or two with the burgers and beers.LOL Well my brother and I will be doin some hiking this year and hopefully we will see some of you cool kids.And to any thru hikers in 07 look for us in the MD/PA area,we'll try to be supplyin some trail magic on our journeys. Later Sly dog