View Full Version : Had a good trip......thanks for the help!!

04-10-2007, 08:18
Just wanted to say thanks for all the help from you folks on WB on updating my backpacking equipment and skills.

I hiked from TN 91 to Abingdon Gap on Friday and spent the night at the shelter {The new floor is excellent.} It was still snowing off and on when I got up, and was accumulating more than I expected, {the temp was much lower than forcasted as well, but that was a subjuct of much debate when I stopped in Damascus so I will not post an official guess.}

Anyhow, I backtracked to USFS 69 at McQueen's and hiked down the Forest Service Road and met my dad. I could be certain the trip went well, because I was planning my next one on my way down the mountain from this one.

I saw Lone Wolf when we stopped in at Mount Rogers Outfitters, but I did not get a chance to introduce myself. There may have been some other WB folks there, if so, sorry we did not get to meet but some thru hikers were in the store, and everyone was busy debating how cold it was going to be, and how long it would be cold, so we headed back to my parent's house.

Again, thanks for all the tips and ideas you folks have given me, it made my trip much better.