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Blue Wolf
04-13-2007, 14:16
For any hikers out there who have one of these with a sewn in floor.......is the floor suppose to lay flat? I have it cliped up in the corners but it still lays kinda flat on the sides?

Have any of you been in one of these in really wet weather? is the floor suppose to lay flat on the sides? seems to me a good rain on a slope & you'd be swimming. any help would be great ...........I called Henry Shires left a message but figured i'd get more feedback here.

And yes I searched the site first and read all the posts on Tarp-tents no one said anything bad or about the floor sagging down.

04-13-2007, 14:26
Get a sharp knife or a good pair of scizzors. Cut out the floor. Cut a piece of two mil painters dropcloth in the shape of the floor of the tent but four inches wider all around.

When it is dry and/or warm, fold the sides of the dropcloth under so you have a foot or so of uncovered ground all around the perimeter. This lets in nice breezes and keeps condensation down. And you get the nice earthy smell that tells you you're not in a Days Inn in Cleveland.

When it is rainy or very cold, lay the drop cloth out flat. It will rise up against the mesh netting and form a little bathtub floor. If it is rainy and warm and you want more ventilation, just fold back the drop cloth on the downwind/downhill side and and you will have water-free ventilation.

Added bonus: You can use the dropcloth when you cowboy camp, and in shelters as a floor sheet to keep mud and dirt off your sleeping pad.

04-13-2007, 14:31
I think you can adjust the floor/wall tension by fiddling with the bungee cords in each of the four corners.

04-13-2007, 15:09
Frosty, that sounds interesting. have photos?

Hope you are doing well!

Blue Wolf
04-13-2007, 15:10
Yeah I was thinking they were a bit long they seem that they need to be shortened maybe cut out some length & retie thats kinda what i was thinking?

The ground cloth seems like a nice idea but = more weight I will say the tent has plenty of room inside almost to much for a solo hiker but they didn't have the rainbow in stock & would have to wait till mid may i wanna hike light now.

04-13-2007, 15:45
assuming you have the bathtub floor, you may just need to adjust the bungee cords. If you don't have a bathtub floor, you can have Henry Shires retro fit it for you. I bought an '03 Squall that did not have the bathtub floor and I sent it to him and he put in the bathtub floor and extended beak and had it back to me in about two weeks time.

Blue Wolf
04-13-2007, 16:24
Yeah it has the floor. thats what in question.

04-13-2007, 16:30
I think you missed the point of the reply before yours. There are two designs (at least) for the floors. Not all were "bath tub". Depending on the year of the Squall you could have a non-bath tub type.

Blue Wolf
04-13-2007, 17:09
Yes it's an 07 model on the website it says hybrid bathtub floor forgive me if anyone thought I was being short,,,,,,,& or rude i wasn't.

04-14-2007, 14:17
For any hikers out there who have one of these with a sewn in floor.......is the floor suppose to lay flat? I have it cliped up in the corners but it still lays kinda flat on the sides?

Blue Wolf,

Our phone system has been seriously out of whack over the last week so if you called I never got your message. We anwer it if we're not already on the line but we can't get to the recorded messages. Sorry about that. In any event, the Squall 2 floor wont ever be perfectly vertical but you can play around with the shockcoring to tighten up the walls a bit. Alternately, because of sewing variations you might find it useful to "pinch" each front corner (and sew/pin) to see that doesn't help as well. Let me know.


04-14-2007, 14:55
Any tips on cutting down the "misting" I"ve heard about during heavy rains?....other then that, I'm thrilled with the tent

04-14-2007, 17:21
"Misting" is almost always interior condensation getting knocked off the roof by the rain (and reforming and then getting knocked off again...). Best thing you can do is to keep as much venting going as you can and also to keep the canopy as warm as you can. Trees are almost always warmer than out in the open and better yet if you find spots where you can keep the beak open and/or get a breeze to drive air throught the shelter.


Blue Wolf
04-14-2007, 21:16
Wow perfect..........the man himself ansered the question on whiteblaze............Now thats service & yes after makeing a few adjustments I think it's gonna be just fine thanks for all the help.

04-14-2007, 23:10
Thank you!