View Full Version : Any busses from Pinkham Notch to North Troy Vt.?

Rhody Bill
09-05-2003, 19:55
I'm wondering if anybody knows what public transportation is available between Pinkham (Gorham or Conway?) and the north end of the LT (No. Troy)? I'll be travelling on Sunday the 14th or Monday the 15th (Sept 03). Thanks, RB

09-06-2003, 08:15
As far as I know, the only bus that goes through Gorham and Pinkham is one daily bus each was to and from the south connecting to Boston. If you want the schedule, look it up at Concord Trailways.

No public transportation anywhere near North Troy. If you want a ride from Burlington or Montpelier, then I suggest that you contact the Green Mountain Club for their shuttle list.

Lone Wolf
09-06-2003, 08:32
Vermont Transit runs to Newport, Vt. which is 15 miles from North Troy. Then it's an easy hitch.

Rhody Bill
09-06-2003, 20:44
Thanks-guess I have to do a little research...