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04-16-2007, 12:14
i am definately going to buy one of these, ive tried on a vapor trail and it was damn comfortable. however, i have concerns with the vt's size. i know that the manufacturer only cites a 200 ci size difference, but i can also tell that enough of the vt 3600 is actually in the extension collar. so i have two questions:
1.is the nimbus suspension close to the vapor in terms of weight and comfort? (i know the nimbus is a little heavier)

2.Does the nimbus actually have a considerable amount of additional room?

Appalachian Tater
04-16-2007, 13:40
I bought a Vapor Trail but exchanged it for a Nimbus Ozone because the Vapor Trail is very uncomfortable carrying over 25 pounds. The Nimbus Ozone is comfortable even carrying over 40 pounds. It has a much better suspension and a bit of extra room. The collar is similar on each of them. My advice is to try them both on before purchasing if possible. (I had to order mine as they were not available locally). On a thru-hike having the ability to carry more weight gives you more flexibility with re-supply. The extra pound or so was worth it to me. Some people have used the V.T. as a summer pack because of the wt/volume issue. I was happy with the Nimbus Ozone but it can pull apart at the seams and is certainly not at all waterproof.

04-16-2007, 13:46
In real terms you're looking at about 600cu more in the Ozone. The Ozone has a frame and is a much better bet for carrying much over 20 lbs . I find it extremely comfortable and use it in winter when my gear is heavier and bulkier than the <3000cu and <15 lbs I carry in the summer. (I'm loading and re-loading my new Conduit as I write this to get the best carry feeling. What a quality piece of gear.)

04-16-2007, 13:49
I own both packs. Carried the Vapor Trail on my 2003 AT thru and bought the Nimbus Ozone (used) in planning for my PCT thru.

When you fill both packs and sit them next to each other you can DEFINITELY see the difference in bag size. However, the main reason I bought the Nimbus Ozone was the fact that it can carry heavier loads (than the Vapor Trail) comfortably, which I expect to be doing on the PCT mainly because of longer re-supply intervals and special clothing/gear.

On the AT my average total pack weight, with 6 days of food and my starting water supply was around 26lbs. The Vapor Trail carries that level of weight very comfortably. Go much over that weight though and the flexible HDPU frame sheet starts to buckle (bow outward) and you end up shouldererin all the weight, rather than it being supported on the hips.

The Nimbus Ozone has a rigid (non flexing) frame sheet and adjustable shoulder harness to accomodate different torso lengths. I expect my average total pack weight on the PCT to hover around 30lbs, which the Nimbus Ozone can easily carry.

Regardless of the pack, what I have found is that loading it to the advertised limit (30lbs for the Vapor Trail vs. 40 for the Nimbus Ozone) is not a very good idea ...at least from a comfort standpoint.


PJ 2005
04-16-2007, 17:04
get your pack weight under 25 and buy the vt... it's so freaking comfortable...

Baum Trigger
04-16-2007, 23:15
get your pack weight under 25 and buy the vt... it's so freaking comfortable...

I concur...

Appalachian Tater
04-17-2007, 00:18
Get your pack weight under 25 and buy the Nimbus Ozone. It is more comfortable than the Vapor Trail even at light loads. In the weight range of these packs, the extra pound is worth the extra comfort, support, and capacity. Try loading both at 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 pounds and see what you think. If you compare the two, you will likely go with the Nimbus Ozone unless you will always have your pack weight below 20 including food, water, and fuel.

04-17-2007, 09:38
I ended up going with the NO over the VT for two reasons, even though my 3-day Spring/Fall pack weight is below 25 pounds. First, I wanted to make sure that the pack could comfortably carry at least 30 pounds if I had more food or gear. Second, I valued a stiffer suspension...the NO rides very well at 30 pounds, and is a second-skin at 24-26 pounds.

04-17-2007, 10:29
I have one of each, but not much experience with either, yet. I had the VT on a short overnight hike (about 16 miles over two days). It was loaded with about 23-24 lbs and felt light on my back while hiking... but after my return I had backaches for a few days that may or may not have been related. Subsequently I bought the Nimbus Ozone, but it hasn't been out for any hikes yet.

I'm hoping to get my base weight down in the 15-lb region, but fully loaded with food and water (etc) that still means a total weight of 25 lbs or possibly more. And unfortunately, 25 lbs is right on the hairy edge of the VT's comfortable operating range, from all I've heard.

04-17-2007, 10:55
I have the GG Latitude Vapor. It has the exact same suspension as the Vapor Trail, but instead of a top loading sack it's fitted with a panel loading one. There is no extension collar, so the volume of the pack is a true 3800 ci. I am usually filling it with a bit less, but the compression straps cinch the pack down nicely. I really love the pack.

It's 2 pounds 10 ounces, so its weight falls in between the other two packs you mentioned. The same caveat mentioned about the VT above applies to the Latitude, it's not a good pack if you are always carrying over 25 pounds. Once I started off a longer hike with 28 pounds including food and all, but after the first day I dropped a few pounds (food for two) and noticed a big difference the next day. You certainly could carry up to 30 with it, but you wouldn't want that long term - only for the first day or so.

Under 25 pounds and it's insanely comfortable. Below is a picture of it on my back (loaded with about 18 pounds) in the Black Hills. I really like that the top of the pack sits at shoulder height so I can look up at the trees and birds without the top of the pack hitting my head and getting in the way.

04-17-2007, 11:07
I have the Vapor Trail and have been training for my thru-hike with 30 pounds. I haven't noticed the framesheet bowing and am very happy with the fit & feel of the pack. Apparently I need to try the NO to see the "world of difference in support" that comes with the extra pound.