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04-16-2007, 12:53
Hello everyone! I am in Gatlinburg for yet another day, dodging weather. the road to newfound gap is still closed and won't open till 4 at the earliest (info from shuttle folks) wonder how all those folks who left in the last two days are holding up out there, sub 10 degrees and 40-60 mph winds. not for me. no thanks. I'm not here to be comfortable, but I'm not here to be miserble and get frostbite ( as at least one person has). so I made it this far. my knees are good, feet and ankles ok, spirits still up ( but a few days in town will dampen them), gear holding up. longest day is 16.5 miles, not bad. The eno hammock/peapod/maccat tarp have performed perfectly, always dry and warm even in the snow and rain. ( huge thunderstorm somewhere and 12 degree temps and 5 inches of snow at Sassafras gap) Turns out I don't like the cold very much and have spent a few days dodging the weather at the Hike Inn and Gatlinburg. heading out in the AM and putting down some miles.

So my question is thus - I need to get to NY for a wedding on the 29th ( a Sunday wedding). I should be somewhere between hot springs and erwin on the 26th27th or so. So, how do I get out. I was thinking of grabbing a shuttle to asheville, then a bus to DC or Richmond, then the train to NY. this would work, but it seems there might be an easier way. There is a 915pm bus, an overnite bus that hits Richmond at 530am or so and the train leaves at 10am. Also, If I can't make it to Erwin, I guess I should stay in Hot Springs or is there a place inbetween I could get picked up at? And of course I need to get back. This is going to cost a fortune.


04-16-2007, 13:00
Since you said you were going to be in the Hot Springs, Erwin are I would give Miss Janet a call and see what she might be able to work out for you. If memory serves there is a bus stop in Johnson City. Good luck.

I have been reading your journal and enjoying it. Keep on keepin on. And don't worry about all the time off you still have plenty of time. And keep on enjoying your hike.

04-16-2007, 13:23
Huh?? What??? did someone say Jenna Jameson is on the trail?