View Full Version : AYCE in 2007 along the AT

04-16-2007, 16:15
I was just reading JOe from Iowa's jorunal entry, Apr 16, http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?ID=174303 , and he mentions a Chinese buffet in Pearisburg, VA...

That made me think about 1996 in Hampton, TN , a Chinese buffet that was toooooooooooo god.

I have a thought, i wonder if we could get together a list of all the AYCE "buffets" along the AT so that all of us can be ready to indulge when we hit the trail. Remmeber , for some of us, hitting the trail means:
driving to it,
or driving to Trail Days,
or doing a little magic & taking current hikers to town for a feed ...

So could u pls share any AYCE establishments within 5 miles of the trail....

I will start us off with a little known spot:

--PA, Waynesboro - Mountain Gate Family Restaurant - take PA16 approx 5 miles west & the restaurant is on the left.. AYCE breakfast & dinner, I will confirm times on a future (soon) visit to PA (Are u r ready, TRICKS an/or JESTER?) - Can be a tuff hitch (fast traffic) but it is worth it, 30 or so desserts... Also for the unpure, ie., blue-blaze, yellow-blazers, u can take Old Forge Rd, 1 tenth of a mile of so form the restaurant back to the AT and u will come to a ball field on the right which is right behind the Antietam Shelter (this is the sahelter with the water faucet just 50 yds of so north of the shelter).... I will check distances on my trip to PA & update this post....

Can any PA folks tell me if this place is still open in 2007?

Any other AYCE joints????