View Full Version : Cabins in Hot Springs?

04-16-2007, 21:02
My friend left me a voicemail about an hour ago saying that he was staying at a cabin in Hot Springs tonight. Do any of you know of any cabins there that it may be possible for me to reach him by phone? This is the second call from him that I've missed by minutes, and I'm kind of upset about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
04-16-2007, 21:49
Link removed

04-16-2007, 21:55

Lol.. those are in Arkansas..
Anyway, thanks, but I calmed down, and figured out where he must be staying.
Hopefully he'll give me a call in the morning. If not, I'll just wait for the next pay phone to appear.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
04-16-2007, 21:56
Whoops - try this one:

Just Jeff
04-16-2007, 21:57
There's a campground on the edge of town, right on the French Broad River, with cabins. Those the ones you figured out?

Edit - heh...or the lots of cabins FD snuck in while I was writing my post! :D

04-16-2007, 22:06
Aw, thanks you two. I figured he was staying at the Hot Springs Resort & Spa because he said he was staying in a cabin with some guys and it was really cheap. So.. I bet that's it. Thanks for helping me :]