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09-05-2003, 22:13
Does anybody use frogtoggs? They seem great 19OZ. Waterproof, breathable not too expensive. $65.00 for top and bottom (95.00 for camo).

09-06-2003, 08:11
Frogg Toggs are used by some. They are made from a Tyvec like material.

Conventional wisdom is that if you bring them, take along duct tape. They don't wear well under pack straps and puncture easily.

Myself, I switched over to Frogg Togg pants this year. (6.7 ounces) I used to carry a supplex nylon pant, and a Goretex rain pain when in the Whites. Now I just carry the one pant. I don't like the fit of convertable pants, and don't wear long pants too often. So, the one pair of Frogg Toggs works for me. However, I did tear them while wearing them for some off trail peak bagging.

I haven't used Frogg Toggs in a serious rain storm yet, but have worn them on several occasions when it was cool and I wanted a little coverage on my legs.

I still carry and wear the 10.9 ounce Marmont Pre Cip rain jacket.

09-08-2003, 10:36
I've used the Frogg Toggs anorak for a couple of years now. It is ready to be replaced. My general feeling is that it is at least as breathable and waterproof as GoreTex XCR, which is neither. It is a lot lighter, cuts wind very well, is cheap, and the durability is acceptable for something like the AT or the PCT. The main gripe I have is in the fit of it. I don't think they used a human as a model. I'm told the jacket fits better.

09-08-2003, 19:27
i bought a set on my thru-hike when i got to Port Clinton Pa. The outfitter there sold them to us for 50 bucks a set. I was pretty pleased with them overall. Im convinced after walking almost every day in rain, that nothing will keep you totally dry. These are the closest i have seen to "waterproof" and youll sweat a lot less than a heavier goretex type jacket.
im still trying to figure out why the precip is rated such a good jacket-my only guess is that its light weight ish. Everyone out there this year cursed them to hell.
For 11 oz a set you cant go wrong with frogg toggs. I dont se the problem with fit that chris mentioned, fit like a glove. I used the pants just for camp as i dont hike in rain paints.
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