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Cabin Fever
04-17-2007, 00:20
Guys and Gals,

As you can see, this is my first ever whiteblaze.net post (bowing). I am about to move to the tri-cities to work at Eastman. I want to find hiking partner(s) that are about my age and speed. I am 23 years old. I will graduate from Tennessee Tech on May 5th. I don't start work until June 4th and I would love to fit some hikes in that month. I can usually do around 20 miles a day, but I have done 25+. I am trying to piece thing together all the way to Maine. PM me or post if you are interested.


04-17-2007, 06:09
You're about to go to work for the best place for meeting hikers. Eastman has a great company hiking group, very active, and the company sponsors TEHCC. You can get to know the groups before you start work. The company keeps available gear for free use by its employees, as I understand.

You'll find lots of people your age to day hike, bike, camp with.

Check this out: http://www.tehcc.org/