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Uncle Wayne
09-06-2003, 08:20
I'd like to hear from anyone who has been through this area lately with news about the shelters between Clingmans and Davenport Gap. Last year we met a ranger who told us the shelters north of Newfound Gap were going to be replaced or removed. He said the fences were already gone from most of them. We're hiking through there in October and I would appreciate any info or advice on these shelters.

If I remember correctly it's "illegal" to tent anywhere except around a shelter and then only if it's full. Is that correct? Thanks for any advice.

09-06-2003, 10:55
I stayed at both Ice Water and Peaks(?) this past Janurary. They had both been newly remodeled.

09-06-2003, 15:59
the shelter at ice h2o and Peeks Corner have been remodeled and the bear fences are removed ....last time I was at Tri-corner knob last year it had not been remodeled and the bear fence was still up (along with the ever present bear warning sign at the side trail turn-off) but tri corner shelter is going to be remodeled and the fence removed at some point.

not sure about cosby knob..but cosby knob is always a crowded place and one you will want to avoid anyway last time I was there the place was full of Boy scouts without permits,,,,Mt Cammerer fire look out is only about three miles away and is a better if illegal alternative but no water...had friends there this week and it is unlocked as usual....

the shelter at Davenport Gap is remodeled no bear fence but VERY close to a road and supossedly host to a great number of parties....last time I was there no one else was and I had the place to myself.

as far as the "RULES' for camping along the AT in the smokies...

you are required to make a reservation by phone ( backcountry reservation # 856-436-1207)and have a trip number and permit..and stay in the shelter.

you can have a thru-hiker permit if you begin and end your trip 50 miles outside park boundarys( how the NPS knows where you begin and end your trip I have NO IDEA and netheir do they )...and then you still must use the shelter unless it is full and then you are allowed to camp in the immediate vicinity of the shelter...

Saluki Dave
09-06-2003, 19:50
I was through there the first of August '03. Icewater and Pecks are nice, but Tri Corner is still waiting on renovation. Didn't see Cosby or Davenport Gap

09-08-2003, 10:46
Tricorner was still a standard shelter, but without bear cables, when I went through in April. Pecks is a better alternative to Icewater.

09-08-2003, 11:06
even though ICE H2O being only 3 miles from newfound gap and just 1 mile south of charlies bunion tends for it to become crowded at time it si s abeautiful setting and great for moon rises..open views and at the top of the ridge ,,,whereas peeks corners shelter is down in a hole...and a half mile off the trail and a steep climb out in the morning..but a nice shelter witha covered cooking area!

if you hit ice h2o during the week inthe fall ..all the colledge kids and boy scouts are in school ..so it is a much nicer place then...

09-08-2003, 11:22
In the start of your post, I think you mean IceWater, not Tricorner. ICewater has a great setting, no doubt about it. But, it is one of the few Smokys shelters I avoid.

09-08-2003, 11:27
your right chris ..thanks....:D

Guy Holcomb
09-08-2003, 15:12
I stayed at Cosby Knob and Davenport Gap this past March. The Cosby shelter fence had been removed and a nice privy had been built but the shelter had not been remodeled. Davenport Gap still had the fence and no privy.