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09-06-2003, 17:20
Right.. the all important 'How do I get home' question...

I plan on flying out to Melbourne to visit my folks in australia before returning to London..

So somehow I need to get to I guess, New York JFK.

I assume I can get like a small plane flight from augusta to jfk? would I be best with train strairght to New York? Do I need to get to Augusta to get anywhere??

How do you get back from millinocket to augusta?

the back of the companion says bangor has an airport... I assume I can get from their to NY?? can anyone name some airlines out there so I can research into them?

Ive found a Bangor International Airport??

mmm i'm kinda lost with all this for getting home! :)

TJ aka Teej
09-06-2003, 20:50
Details to deal with much, much later, Mad. After Katahdin, you'll hitch or hook up into Millinocket. Most likely a ride back to the real world will materialize as you network with other finishing AT hikers. If not, a cab ride to the Medway bus stop, and a few bues later you'll be in Portland, where there are train and better plane options to NYC.
Never mind about Bangor or Augusta, for you they'll just be way points, head to Portland!