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09-07-2003, 22:25
He operates a shuttle service based in Gorham, NH, that I may use for transportation between Crawford Notch and Glencliff. I would be interested in feedback from anyone who has used his service.

09-25-2003, 23:19
OK, I'll answer my own inquiry. I used Art Jolin sight unseen. It turns out that he is friendly, reliable and prompt. Pricewise, he's competitive for the area but not inexpensive. He transports his clients in a recent model year mini-van. One knock - his driving is a bit faster than I would have liked plus he's quite a talker, and every so often he would take both hands off the wheel to make a point. Would I use him again? Definitely, but I have some tolerance for marginally unsafe driving practices - YMMV. He transported two of us from the AT crossing at Crawford Notch to Glencliff for a set price of $120, which roughly equates to his hourly charge ($34.+)multiplied by his estimated roundtrip time from Gorham and return. We also got him to meet us on short notice when we decided to bail out at Franconia Notch after the weather turned too nasty to justify continuing on. He charged $86 to bring us back to our car at Crawford Notch. If price is a big issue, consider the AMC Hiker Shuttle when hiking in the Whites. The trade off is that it's less convenient in terms of scheduled times and may not serve the particular trailhead you plan to start or end at. Another tip: the shuttle provider closest to where you're going will often be the lowest cost option. :banana

Lone Wolf
09-26-2003, 01:07
Crawford to Glencliff. $120. You got ***ed.

09-26-2003, 21:32
ditto L.W.


09-26-2003, 23:19
Maybe I did. Your comment implies you know of better prices. What can you suggest? I checked all the NH shuttles listed on the ATC site. Only Jolin and one other were interested and Jolin's quote was the lowest. If I were hiking closer to his base in Gorham, the price would be correspondingly lower. There may be some folks in the area willing to transport hikers for a lot less but how do you locate them? The dollar-a-mile price you may still find in the South generally doesn't hold north of the Mason Dixon Line.