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04-18-2007, 22:55
Male. Would like a hiking partner. I like to do 3-5 day hikes. 20-50+ miles. I am self employed and can arrange my schedule around trips. I also do a lot of weekend trips. 44 years old. started in 1975. I would be glad to have any one to go with, I am an equal opportunity hiker. Married over 20 years, 2 teenagers, couple golden retrievers. Just like to get out and walk any time of year, any weather, anywhere. Dogs can go or stay at home. Am interested in some 2 car shuttle hikes -point to point, but loops are good too. Would like to hit sections of AT or BMT from Springer North. There are so many places to go around Knoxville Tennessee that I just choose my hikes by what appeals to me at the moment. I would also like someone elses suggestions for hikes to do. A female partner would be fine with me. I live with a wife and two daughters so I have no problems getting along with women, and have no fear of advances- I am happily married. Send an email if you would like to, Thanks, Stephen

08-07-2007, 10:29
Hello hootyhoo,

I live in Roane county not far from Knoxville. I am interested in hooking up and doing some hikes. My current hiking plans are to section hike the AT trail in the smokies from Davenport gap to Fontana in September, not sure of dates yet. I will be shelter hopping and only doing about 6-8 miles per day. Depending on how the hikes goes,my bail out point is Newfound Gap. I would like the company If you are interested in this hike.

Frolicking Dinosaurs
08-07-2007, 11:41
The dinos live out toward the airport. We could possibly help with shuttling and such, but the she-dino has a bum leg so hiking together likely wouldn't work.

There are many great trail in the area. Some of the best for during the tourist infestation season :D are those in the Arbams Creek campgroupnd area. Graham County NC (http://main.nc.us/graham/hiking/hiking.html) (especially Slickrock Wilderness) also has many great trails and is not crowded. My personal favorites have trail heads at the Big Fat Gap parking lot.

08-07-2007, 12:13
I will be in Gatlinburg TN in October to help my boss set up his Art show booth. I was hoping to get an overnighter or something in. A coworker will also be along. We are both female and don't fear advances. She'd scratch your eyes out and I smell like onions when I sweat. So...it's a good thing you're happily married. lol ;)

Rain Man
08-07-2007, 22:20
My daughter Grass and I are doing sections this weekend, actually Sunday and Monday. She's making up a section she missed due to snow on her 04 thru hike, south of Erwin. I'm doing a section north of Erwin. Both are about 25-30 miles long.

If interested, shoot me an email and let's swap phone numbers and chat.

Oh, we'll have one car, so do have to arrange a shuttle or something, but that's do-able.



08-08-2007, 01:41
I'm from Knoxville and am going to do a trip in the Smokies from the 15th-20th. Its going to be from Fontana, up Hazel Creek to Siler's Bald, to Spence Field, then down Eagle Creek to end at Fontana. The only really long day will be Siler's to Spence since I will be fishing whenever I can.