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04-24-2007, 15:19
Is There A Bus Stop On The Trail In Conn. Were My Hiking Buddy Can Meet Me ,im Starting @ The Bridge @bear Mtn.ending @rt.2 In Mass. My Buddy Can Only Go Out For A Week.so We Will Meet On Tral And Finsh In Mass.is There Some Were We Can Meet If He Takes Bus Out Of Ny. We Will Be Hiking 13 Miles A Day.im Out For 17 Days:-?

Old Grouse
04-24-2007, 15:51
No bus in Conn. I can think of. His better bet would be to take the train to Pauling NY, just south of the AT - or to the AT stop itself if he can get a train that stops there. That's pretty much a mid-way point from Bear Mtn to the CT/MA line.

04-25-2007, 15:00
Another alternative might be for your buddy to fly into a local airport and have a shuttle from the airport to whereever you want to meet him on the trail.