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squirrel bait
09-10-2003, 15:35
After reading and listening to ya all I have decided my first (since my 20s) solo hike will be in the SNP. Thanks ya all for the wonderful info. I leave by train(newport news) to DC to Harpers Ferry the weekend of the 20th of Sep. I have 16 days to walk to Staunton, hope I make it. Thanks lil redmg for the stove, thanks you HOI and Keorosene, when I get back, I'll let ya know how it went. Pack it, hoist it, hike it. Going to try the tarp system to learn how many ways I can set it up to prepare for thru hike. No nag bottles, good ole soday pops, learned alot on homemade gear, did the spices in the straws, cut wieght where I could. I sure am scared but diligent and going anyhow. Everybody enjoy fall hikes. And if you see an old,fat dude smoking a cig by the trail, he isn't lost just slow. I don't bite so just say hello and see ya at the campsite.

09-10-2003, 22:08
You're very welcome for the stove. I hope it serves you well. Let me know how it held up. Good luck on your solo hike and enjoy yourself.