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04-25-2007, 15:19
Embarrassing but the more I think I'm learning, the less I feel I know. From Fontana Dam to Davenport does one resupply on the trail or bring food for the whole trek? What's the average time through, 2lbs/day?

Thanks again, folks,

04-25-2007, 15:29
You could hitch into Gatlinburg from Newfound Gap. Getting back up to the trail is slightly more difficult. Gatlinburg has to be seen to be believed, but there are some inexpensive hiker-friendly motels in town. You could also have a friend meet you at Newfound Gap or at Clingman's Dome with a resupply.

It's about 70 miles from Fontana to Davenport Gap, plus a couple more miles to Standing Bear Farm, where you can resupply. This can take anywhere from 4-10 days to hike, depending on your hiking speed. I would think 6 days might be a good average. You might try getting your food weight down to 1.5 pounds per day (though I will admit that I found that process very difficult).

04-25-2007, 15:41
Thanks for your help, I'm traveling in a couple of weeks, do I need to lug rain pants... 7oz of DryDucks?


04-25-2007, 15:42
I planned it out to hike from Fontana Dam to Davenport Gap in 7 days because I didn't want to go into Gatlinburg to resupply. I did it the last day was hell on my knees but I got er done. In retrospect, I would rather have carried the extra weight and gone slower to enjoy it more. You could just add some dry commodities such as slimfast and NIDO or like and suppliment that will give you lots of calories without the weight.

We are going back in June to rehike the Smokies, slowly this time. We are only going to do around 5 mile days and really enjoy the views. 13 days of hanging out in the Smokies. We are carrying quite a bit of weight to do it though along with 11 lbs of camera equipment between the two of us.

04-25-2007, 17:05
Thanks for your help, I'm traveling in a couple of weeks, do I need to lug rain pants... 7oz of DryDucks?


Yes. We were up there in mid-June a couple of years ago, and got sideways sleet and mid-30s with 40-50 mph winds. The Smokies can get very cold any time of year.

04-25-2007, 17:06
I'm heading out this Friday to hike from NOC to Davenport Gap. I'll be spending the full allotment of 7 nights, 8 days hiking through the Park. To minimize the load I'm carrying, I'm having the Hike Inn provide a food drop/resupply when I pass through Newfound Gap. Just another way to HYOH!;)

04-25-2007, 17:59
When I went through, I went through GSMNP in 6 days. Many hitch from Nefound Gap into Gatlinburg which must be some 15+ miles off trail. If I had to do it again I would still go through park in one go. Why break up a beautiful wilderness hike with a tacky tourist town

yes your pack will be heavy withall that food but after the first day, which is mostly up hill, it gets easier. Alot easier.


04-25-2007, 20:34
I did it in 4 days, but I wouldn't recommend that. There's just too much to see. Carry the extra weight, or plan to hitch out. The important thing is to take your time.