View Full Version : Bivy/Pad use

04-25-2007, 20:34
For those who use a bivy instead of a tent, do you find it better to put the pad inside the bivy or underneath?

My pad of choice is the Insulmat MaxThermo regular inflatable 20" X 72" X 2.5".....Thanks !!

04-25-2007, 21:24
Inside the bivy, definitely. It provides insulation that prevents condensation on the bottom of the bivy, and keeps you from rolling off. Though your pad is thick, and you might need a wider bivy.

04-26-2007, 21:58
Ditto to bigcranky....

04-27-2007, 13:25
Unless you just enjoy carrying a soggy-wet foam pad or thermarest after spending a night camping in the rain, I wouldn't use it on the outside of your tent or bivy. Also, if you do use it under your bivy just once and then put it inside the next night (or use it with your thermarest chair kit), you could end up sharing your pad with chiggers and ticks.