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09-11-2003, 08:09
Hi - I thought it might be a good time to re-post my fall foliage guide. I originally did this in '99, and it also appears as the following sites:



Also, as a side note, my snowfall map project will be on display atleast twice during the gathering. Take care,


Appalachian Trail Fall Foliage - A Hiker's Guide to Autumn's Peak Color

The following guide is based on average dates of peak color (pre and post peak color can be expected outside of these dates), and is arranged into 10 sections southward from Maine to Georgia. Conditions vary significantly from year to year, and can differ over short distances due to elevation and other factors. Within each section there is a listed time interval of when peak occurs, which is followed by more specific notes on when and where to expect the most color.

-- Baxter State Park to Andover, ME: 9/20 - 10/10
Earliest throughout the section above 3,000 feet. Latest in lower
elevations near the Kennebec River and in the 100 mile wilderness between Cooper Brook and Wadleigh Stream.

-- Andover, ME to Sherburne Pass, VT: 9/20 - 10/12
Earliest in the higher elevations of the White Mountains and
Mahoosuc Range. Around 10/1 in the more northern valleys near Gorham and Andover. Latest in the Connecticut River Valley near Hanover.

-- Sherburne Pass, VT to Cheshire, MA: 9/25 - 10/15
Earliest in the Killington area, and above 2,500 in the rest of
southern Vermont. Latest in lower elevations near North Adams and Cheshire.

-- Cheshire, MA. to Bear Mountain, NY: 10/1 - 10/18
Earliest along the October Mountain and Race-Everett areas. Latest in the low valleys near RPH Cabin and the Hudson River.

-- Bear Mountain, NY to Port Clinton, PA: 10/8 - 10/20
Earliest above 1,200 feet in New York, and near High Point, New
Jersey. Around the 15th along Pennsylvania's ridges. Latest in Port Clinton and the Hudson River.

-- Port Clinton, PA to Front Royal, VA: 10/15 - 11/2
Earliest on the ridges south (west) of Port Clinton and highest
elevations near Caledonia. Latest in Harpers Ferry.

-- Front Royal, VA to Troutville, VA: 10/10 - 11/2
Earliest in areas near 4,000 feet (near Big Meadows/Skyland, The
Priest, Cold Mountain region, Apple Orchard). Latest in Jennings, Tye, and James river valleys.

-- Troutville, VA to Atkins, VA: 10/10 - 10/31
Earliest above 3,800 feet near Mountain Lake, Chestnut Knob, and other high ridges north and south of the New River. Around 10/25 in Pearisburg and Atkins. Latest in lower elevations near Troutville.

-- Atkins, VA to Hot Springs, NC: 9/28 - 11/6
Earliest on the highest terrain (summits of Mount Rogers and Roan Mountain). Elevation is an especially evident factor throughout this region. Some general guidelines: Around 10/8 near the 5,000 foot level, 10/22 at 3,000 feet, and typically after 11/1 below 1,700 feet. Latest in Hot Springs.

-- Hot Springs, NC to Amicalola Falls State Park, GA: 9/28 - 11/6
Earliest in the high Smokies above 6,000 feet.. Around 10/15 near 5,000 feet in the Nantahala Mountains, and between 10/20 and 11/1 through most of Georgia. Latest in Hot Springs, the Pigeon River Valley, Fontana Dam, Wesser, and lowest points in GA.

researched and compiled by Weathercarrot

Rain Man
09-11-2003, 11:57
Your Gorp link doesn't seem to be working. I tried it several times. Just FYI.

Thanks for the info. It's GREAT.

Rain Man

09-11-2003, 12:06
Thanks, WeatherCarrot. Looks like I'm in the sweet spot for my October 18-26th hike from Buena Vista to Catawba, Virginia [and there was much rejoicing...]!

09-11-2003, 12:49
The Gorp site must be down. The link was working a few hours ago....... By the way, for those interested who haven't seen it, here's the address again for my AT snowfall map web site:


TJ aka Teej
09-11-2003, 13:03
Great stuff, as usual, wc! Let's see.. I'll be at Katahdin Oct 3-6 and in Hanover Oct 9-12 - good timing on my part! Thanks, weathercarrot!

Miss Janet
09-11-2003, 14:25
Thank you WC!!
I think we will be having a great color year down here in East Tennessee. I have my first Southbounder today... doing 30 + miles per day to finish... He will not get to see fall in the Smokies! But if any of you are planning hikes October and November you might want to consider this area. Let me know if I can help you plan your Fall Colors Hike!