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09-14-2003, 19:56
Hwy 26 is now open through Sams Gap. NC. Does anyone know if there are any signs/markers for A.T. where it crosses? I am starting a section hiker there on Monday the 22nd.

Jim Obermeyer
09-14-2003, 21:02
I didn't see any signs there. Coming from TN there's a drive in overlook right at the TN/NC boarder. Go just a little ways past it and take the first right. Go under an overpass and you'll see the trail on the left heading south. You'll see a small fenced off area that houses a pump or some other type of component, I not sure what it is, but the trail goes right next to it. If your heading north on the trail this road is still a good place to drop off. There are white blazes on the road. I hope I'm being some help to you. I had trouble finding it myself.

Miss Janet
09-15-2003, 17:50
The new trailhead parking at Sams Gap is on the old road and is not easily accessed since I26 opened. The AT DOES NOT cross the interstate any longer!! If someone is dropping you off at Sams Gap, you should be in the NORTHBOUND lane of I26 heading into Erwin. Just north of the Tennessee/ North Carolina line you can pull to the right into the truck rest area and walk back south a hundred yards to the trail. The AT is blazed on the old road under the interstate. If you want to get to the trailhead parking area you will take exit #3 on the North Carolina side (Wolf Laurel Resort) and take the old road north to the state line. Good luck and have a great hike.

09-16-2003, 03:17
the goddess of trail culture has spoken.

it's very easy to pass by this area on I-26 because it is in a bend, the trail is not marked by large green hiker signs, and there are no visable land marks that stick out like a sore thumb.

you could drive by this area all day and never see the blazes. my suggestion; call miss J. by the time your off the phone you will be sure of where you need to be and may have a shuttle (e-mail her if you need the phone number.)

hey miss J!