View Full Version : is the sidetrack cafe really for sale

09-17-2003, 22:29
Hello all

I'm not sure if it was a bad dream or if I saw it in a post somewhere....but.....has anyone heard anything about the sidetrack cafe in Damascas being sold?

see ya in the woods


Lone Wolf
09-17-2003, 22:31
It ain't sold yet. I was in there last week. But the business is for sale. Mountainman doesn't own the building.

Red Hat
09-18-2003, 09:56
There's a link on www.trailjournals.com at the top of the homepage for information. You are purchasing the business and must sign a lease on the building.

Lone Wolf
10-02-2003, 10:58
I heard today it has been sold. Sounds like it will remain somewhat the same.