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05-10-2007, 17:07
Hey guys... I am thinking about getting this pack.. I just wanted to know if anyone here has it or has hiked with it... :-)


thanks :-)

05-15-2007, 20:03
I have it. I LOVE IT. For light weight or ultra light hiking/camping I don't think you will find a lighter pack with as many features. Its not the lightest. But it is light. Its also the only pack I've tried for the light weight category that kept 70% of the weight on my hips. The others like the northface and osprey try to split the weight evenly.

I have owned two REI packs, a northface, a dana (external), and a VERY old gregory. The Z-55 is new to me. But for the two months I have had it. It is AWESOME.

05-16-2007, 01:41
Check out an ULA Circuit.


Cheaper. (about $15, but I am sure REI will have the z55 on sale soon)
A bit more space. (better space/weight ratio)
ULA is made in the USA (in a garage!)

I have found that with 30-35 I can put all the weight on my hips with the shoulder straps providing stability. In hot weather on decent trail (like the AT in GA) I will let out the shoulder straps to let air circulate on my back. Works great.

I am not a Gregory basher. In fact I have 3 of their packs. My last lightweight was a 2004 G-pack and heavyweight was a Keeler. Check my photo gallery and you will see both. I got the ULA after Christmas and it has replaced both (as I have been aggressively shaving weight). I loved the Gpack but at occasional 30-35 lbs the seams a starting to wear. The feature I really liked was the outer bucket pocket (for lack of a better description). The ULA has 3 large outer pockets made of a stiff, strong mesh material.

I think that you would probably be pleased either route. I am more pleased with the Circuit.

<stepping off of soapbox:D >

Hikes with a stick
05-16-2007, 13:01
I just recently bought a Z55. Haven't had a chance to take it out on a hike yet, but I hope to do that this weekend. So far I really like it though. Its about half the weight of my other pack, a Gregory Palisade, but it has more featutes IMO.