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TJ aka Teej
09-18-2003, 17:54
Twilight, GAME 98, found this link and shared it with the AT e-mail list.
Since it's about my favorite hiker, I'm posting it here;


09-18-2003, 21:59
What does Earl mean to you?
The Trail can help you to focus and give you time to think, to work out problems, to get in touch with yourself, and to meet others who are doing the same.
Knowing that I am walking the same path and taking the same steps as Earl, inspires me to keep hiking, to keep going, to keep living.
I find Earl on the Trail not just the spirit of Earl. He lives on in the Trail, he lives on in every step taken on the Trail, he lives on in every friendship made on the Trail.
I see Earl every time I am on the trail.

09-24-2003, 23:40
What are your thoughts on Earl?

09-25-2003, 00:23
I met Earl at the ATC Conference at Shippensburg, Pa. He stuck me as an honorable and decent man; one that would have been welcomed anywhere. He wore his humility well and I was honored to have met him.