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09-21-2003, 11:27
I'm waiting to see if I have time off work to go to the Gathering, but also thinking of making a week of it. What is the hiking like in NH? Since the Gath is in Hanover, I guess I would do 4-5 days north or south of there. Also, any shuttle services ? Any thoughts or advice..... Thanks

09-21-2003, 11:35
Smarts Mountain is about 20-25 miles north of Hanover. A hike from Hanover to Smarts Mtn & back would be nice. If you can arrange a shuttle, you can hike from hanover to Glencliff (40+ miles). The terrain is steep, but not compared to the White Mtn National Forest. There is a shack & fire tower atop Smarts Mtn. It is a beautiful place to spend the night.

09-21-2003, 16:44
If you are dependent upon public transportation, you might consider getting the bus to Rutland Vermont, and then catch the local bus to Sherborn Pass, and hike the AT into Hanover. About 50 miles with several ups and downs as the AT crosses ridges and valleys getting from the Green Mountains to the Connecticut River.

The trail will take you through West Hartford which for me was the friendlest town on the entire trail. Good burgers, fries, and shake there also.

Just another option.

09-21-2003, 22:03
Hitch hiking is a little slow, but if you have a sign that indicates your destination you should do OK. Maybe you could get a ride from someone at the gathering and then hike back towards Hanover. I'd assume that it would be pretty easy to find someone who would take you right to a trail head. You might try to hook something up at the ride board: http://www.aldha.org/gathring.htm

The first 35 miles or so North from Hanover are pretty easy. Hiking north of there gets you up into Moosilauke... and the hiking gets strenuous in places whether you are heded north or south.

This August, I did the NH AT, and covered from the stretch from Franconia Notch to Norwich (just an road walk across the river from Hanover into Vt.) going south in four days. With shorter days - it would be wise to allow five. Concord Trailways has a stop near the Notch and it should be an easy hitch from there. It wasn't as spectacular a stretch as the days north of Franconia, but it was quite wonderful. Much of it is on Dartmouth Outing Club land.

09-23-2003, 09:58
There are lots of shuttlers in and around Hanover. We used a retired guy out of Fairlee, Vermont who was very hospitable, timely, and let us leave our cars at his house. You can find the official ATC list of shuttle drivers here. (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/hike/plan/cars.html#sub1)

You might consider hiking into Hanover from the north or south. I did these sections a few years ago and enjoyed the trails coming down into town. If I had to choose, I'd probably start in Glencliff, New Hampshire and walk to Hanover. There's a nice view just north of Mt. Mist of a small pond with Moosilaukee in the background, views off of Mt. Cube and Smarts Mountain, the firetower and rangers cabin atop Smarts that TNJED mentioned, a lovely view from Holt's Ledge that I caught in the early morning, views from Moose Mountain (but it was in the clouds when I walked by), and Velvet Rocks just outside of Hanover. Click here (http://www.thebackpacker.com/trails/at_list.php?state=&location_start=Glencliff%2C+N.H.&shelter_start=&milemarker_start=&mile_direction_start=From+Katahdin&search_distance=&search_direction=N&location_end=Hanover%2C+N.H.&shelter_end=&milemarker_end=&mile_direction_end=From+Katahdin) for a list of shelters by mileage from Glencliff.

There aren't nearly as many overlooks in eastern Vermont, although I still enjoyed the walk. It's interesting to see how smooth and worn the trail bed gets as you approach Hanover. These are some old trails.

09-23-2003, 11:07
Thanks for all the good info, just what I needed. This is such a great site, and members too:) Thanks again!