View Full Version : Granite Gear Pockets on GoLite Pinnacle?

Todd Heyn
05-13-2007, 17:41
I just purchased a GoLite Pinnacle and I am considering adding one of the Granite Gear Hip Belt pockets to this pack. Does anyone know if they will attach to the pinnacle belt?

Just let me know what you know. Then I will know what you know. Together we will both know what each other knows. You know?

05-13-2007, 20:31
You know?

Maybe. Do you?

05-18-2007, 11:54
I added on e of these pockets to a Golite Jam hip belt. To help hold it in place I ran the hipbelt strap through on of those flexible units used to add tie-ons to a pack. The pocket does interfer with the tightening of the belt buckle. It also tends to work the belt loose as one hikes. Also, the pockets are not very large. I look for the pocket to carry gorp. I prefer a longer narrower pouch attached with a piece of hollow webbing through which the hipbelt is passed. look for a pocket that has a gusset, so that it can widen to fir more stuff!