View Full Version : Lakeshore trail reroute

09-23-2003, 08:45
For those interested, there is a reroute of the Lakeshore trail near Fontana Dam that is not in the most recent Little Brown book (hiking guide) nor on my Trails Illustrated map. The section in question is one that can be used to form a nice loop with the AT. From campsite 84 (or is it 86?) (old junction of the Lakeshore and Hazel creek trails), the Hazel creek trail is now the Lakeshore trail for 4.5 miles south. The Lakeshore trail then takes over and heads west, connecting near camp 90 in another 4.5 miles. The reroute avoids 17 river fords and should allow access to this loop during colder months. I hiked the old section (camp 84 or 86) to Jenkins Ridge and then down, through the fords, to the junction with Eagle Creek. The trail is in good shape and the fords are mostly easy. The last 2 (the closest to Eagle Creek) are deep (mid thigh on my 6'4" body) but slow and unobstructed. All the others are easy, low calf fords.