View Full Version : GATC where are we meeting on Saturday?

The Doctor
05-17-2007, 17:09
I can't seem to get in touch w/ anyone who knows where we are meeting or what section we are working on. I missed last months work trip for the same reason. please help!

Speer Carrier
05-17-2007, 19:36
Send an email to : gmonk@bellsouth.net

Speer Carrier
05-17-2007, 19:45
Sorry Doctor, I gave you some bad info. Gary Monk is not available to answer e-mail right now.

The work trip this Saturday is working with the Konnorock Crew on the Stover Creek Shelter relocation, and Gary is already up there with them.

E-mail David Stelts to sign up and get info on meeting place. davidstelts@bellsouth.net

The Doctor
05-17-2007, 20:58
Frank already e-mailed david but he never responded. I just sent him some mail so hopefully he will get back to me.