View Full Version : ride to the gathering

09-23-2003, 13:26
Was wondering if anyone on this site was heading to the gathering from the Burlington Vermont area or knew someone who was. Thanks a lot. Sorry to post this here, i couldn't get the email address from the ALDHA site, it wasn't working.
Anyone have it? Thanks so much
A-Train 03

TJ aka Teej
09-23-2003, 18:26
The ALDHA online ride board is at http://www.aldha.org/rides.htm and the email addy for posting needs/offers is aldha@aldha.org
I bet this thread's subject line will get some action too!

10-01-2003, 16:00
I have a friend, "Sauntering Scott" (AT 92), who is looking for a ride to the Gathering from the Monson/Guilford region of central Maine. Anyone out there who could help him out? He has a dog as well (very friendly) who needs to accompany him everywhere he goes. Let me know. Thanks.