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05-21-2007, 12:40
I met Trailbait yesterday at TrailDays, we found we live near each other and she gave me her myspace to keep in touch. The link she gave me doesn't work (typo?), though I found her old page. I could not find the page we were talking about.

Anyhoo, she stayed at the place yesterday (Sun) and I think is hiking out today (5/21).

If anyone comes across her, ask her to contact me via my Trail Journals guestbook trailjournals.com/dharma or my email listed on the 'about' page.

Thanks whiteblazers, I appreciate it! :sun

Crazy Larry #1
05-21-2007, 14:08
I saw her this morning over by Subway as she was heading into the coffe shop to get something to eat. I think she's gone from here........

05-21-2007, 15:07
Spread the word if you could. Someone will run into her before the next town.

Crazy Larry #1
05-21-2007, 17:43
she gave me her dog now.......now my trail name will be "The Only Wanderer and his Wandered Dog Miss Sally Woo Woo."

05-22-2007, 02:53
Nevermind... I got it.