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09-25-2003, 07:28
I think that depends on what shape your clothes are in to begin with, and how many changes of clothes you bring along.

For example, I started out with some sport shorts that were well used. I replaced them about half way through, and the replacement shorts still have plenty of miles left on them. I started with new synthetic T-shirts, and they went all the way and are still getting use.

Generally speaking, clothing should go the distance. I suspect that if you need to replace anything, it will be because of a tramatic event, such as melting it when it got too close to the heat. Or they just get too grungy to wash and wear any longer.

Socks are another story. Probably what wears out socks as much as anything is the scree that gets into your boots. So, if you wear gaiters, that will reduce the amount of stuff that gets into the boots. And, if socks to wear out, just go into the next outfitter and buy another pair. No big deal.

Blue Jay
09-25-2003, 07:56
Many people ware holes through the shoulders of their main hiking shirts. Other than that and shoes, if you start with good quality stuff they should last the whole way. Smell is another issue, I tossed a good looking shirt out before the Whites because it smelled soooo bad.

09-25-2003, 08:49
I went through 9 pairs of thin running socks this summer. The sand in southern California and the combination of rock, scree, and constantly being wet shredded my socks very quickly. After the Sierras, I went through fewer pairs.

I have one very sunrotted bandana that should survive a year of weekend trips, but may not survive another thruhike. I destroyed one pair of pants. A small rip in the crotch developed, which got bigger in the Sierra. Leaping across the mighty Truckee river, the crotch tore even more. Crossing Kerrick creek, the pants exploded (yes, quite literally). I then changed into shorts and a T-shirt (rather than the pants and a long sleeve shirt). These lasted the rest of the way and are just permanantly dirty (as is the long sleeve shirt). The pair of underwear that I started with had a few miles on them and lasted 1500 miles. I then started using a fresh pair, and for some reason tore them up by the end of the summer. My Frogg Toggs anorak had a year of hiking on it, and was dead by the time I reached Canada: Holes in the underarms, worn out fabric on the back.

By the way, I also went through 4 pairs of running shoes, 1 used pair of super feet, 1 new pair of superfeet, and put 900 miles on a third pair.

09-25-2003, 09:04
Originally posted by chris
By the way, I also went through 4 pairs of running shoes, 1 used pair of super feet, 1 new pair of superfeet, and put 900 miles on a third pair. Did you use the "hiking" (Green) or the "running shoe" (blue) version?

09-25-2003, 09:21
Green. I wanted as much arch support as I could get for hiking. When I run, I just use the insoles that come with my shoes.

09-25-2003, 11:34
I wore the same ratty t-shirt from springer to katahdin. By vermont i began to develop holes in the shirt, but i was so in love with it. I used the same shorts from springer to glencliff until i went home and went for some lighter shorts (adidas gym shorts). Same underwear everyday for 5 months. Went thru a bunch of socks. The quality held up, just usually needed to get new ones to deal with stink. We had so much rain this year my feet were constently wet and nasty. The socks began to harden and get tough which didn't feel good on the feet. The long sleeve shirts i used went the whole way. Just sent a couple home when it got warmer and used a lighter fleece instead of the heavy one.
Only thing i switched was a rainjacket/pants. Realized both my red ledge thunderlight jacket and ems 8 dollar pants were useless and went with the froggtogg suit which works pretty well. Went thru 3 pairs of shoes, the last of which is still in good order. I used Vasque Nimbus' from the NOC to Port Clinton and loved them. Definately recommend these.