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05-22-2007, 11:40
Just wanted another opinion on my gear list for a north bound through hike starting in mid march

1 OR Swift cap
2.5 oz
1 Mountain Hardware Fleece Hat
2 oz
2 Sierra Designs T-Shirts

1 Light Weight Top
7.7 oz
1 Marmot Driclime Jacket
14 oz
1 Mont-Bell Down Inner Vest
5 oz
1 Marmot Pre Cip Jacket
13 oz
2 Patagonia Boxer Briefs
2.5 oz
1 Shorts
8.4 oz
1 Zip off Pants
13.38 oz
1 Mid Weight Bottoms
7.4 oz
1 Marmot Pre Cip Pants
11.7 oz
1 REI Fleece Gloves
2.9 oz
1 Merrel Boots

1 Crocs
14.25 oz
3 Wright Sock Cool mesh
1.58 oz
1 Smart Wool Mountaineers Socks
5.1 oz
2 Bandanas

Highgear Axis Multi-function Watch
2 oz
Black diamond Trekking Poles

Gregory Z55
3 lbs 3 oz
Sea to Summit Pack Cover
4.4 oz
ThermaRest Prolite 4
1 lbs 8 oz
Marmot Arete +40 Bag
1 lbs 7 oz
Marmot Helium +15 Bag
1 lbs 13 oz
North Face Tadpole 23 Tent
5 lbs 10 oz
Katadyn hiker pro water filter
15.7 oz
MSR DromLite 4 liter
5.1 oz
MSR hydration kit
2.5 oz
Nalgene Water Bottle (with duck tape)
4.5 oz
Letherman Wave Multi Tool
8.5 oz
Evernew Titanium Pot
MSR Titan Mug
Folding Titanium Spork
MSR Pocket Rocket
50 Foot rope
4 AAA batteries
1 oz biodegradable soap
1 lbs 3 oz
Petzl tikka plus head lamp
2.7 oz
Princeton Tech Pulsar 2
0.25 oz
First Aid/Repair Kit
14 oz
Maps/Guide Book/Plastic bags/Stuff Sacks/Etc

Warm weather- About 22 lbs 10 oz
Cold weather- about 23 lbs 3 oz

Also thinking about the squal 2 tent which would save 3 lbs 9 oz

05-22-2007, 12:49
Didn't you already post this and get responses? :D:confused:


PJ 2005
05-22-2007, 13:31
Way too many clothing items for my tastes... I would drop:

-zip-off pants
-1 sierra designs t-shirt
-1 bandana
-1 pair boxer briefs (embrace the power of every day underwear)
-extra batteries
-2 pairs wright socks cool mesh

for starters.

05-31-2007, 00:17
There's a lighter headlamp, Cyclops Atom, w/2 disk batteries. Weighs 0.85 oz. Then you could ditch the AAA batteries too and save quite a few ounces.

05-31-2007, 14:10
some gram-weenie nitpicking here... you may have already made your own choices regarding items with lighter alternatives, so HYOH. but for what it's worth,

-why both matches and a lighter?
-an aqua fina bottle is almost 3 oz lighter than nalgene bottle.
-water filter vs Aqua Mira or Iodine would save almost a pound.
-if i'm reading the formating correctly, a 14oz first aid/repair kit is about 5x what mine weighs. depends on what's in it, but take a hard look.
-candle? why?
-rope. it's somantics, but do you mean real "rope" or just cordage? how heavy? for bear bagging, a 3/16'' braided nylon cord will work fine, and 50' shouldn't weigh more than 3oz or so, depending on what you wrap it on.
-Princeton Tec Pulsar2- i've had trouble with this brand staying on in my pack. i don't like the switch. i went back to a Photon, even though it costs a lot more.
-a plastic cup weighs 0.6 oz, vs a titanium mug (1c. capacity, green, available through campmor for $1 or so).
-water bladder seems heavy at 5oz. a larger 6qt/6l Reliance fold-a-carrier is just under 5oz, and 2 x 2.5 liter platypus bags (1.3 oz each) are under 3 oz.
-there are lighter raingear options (frogg-toggs, dropstoppers)
-zip-off pants AND shorts? or is one for warm weather and the other for cold/uncertain?
-too many socks. go with 2 pairs. one to wear, one washed and drying somewhere.
-crocs at 14oz? i thought i'd read they were about 8oz. either way, i guess it's a personal comfort thing. a pair of heavy flip-flops is about 3.5 oz. (you may already have made a durability decision).
-pack could also be lighter but i understand there are a variety of factors that go into pack choice-comfort, other stuff you carry, cost, etc.

05-31-2007, 15:48
Looks good to me. More than I'd carry, but you probably won't kill yourself. It's already been pointed out that you;ve got some redundancy going on with your clothing...you might want to address that.

Get the Tarptent if you can. I think you'd find that the TT Contrail has enough room for you if you're solo.

One last word of advice- make sure all your gear works for you. Hike with it for a few weekenders before starting your thru. Note anything that you don't seem to be using and leave that at home. You can always have it shipped to you if you decide you need it after all.

05-31-2007, 18:00
i would definetly switch to the Squall tarp tent...